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What’s new in November

Catch up on all the latest with a round up of what’s new this month...

  • Escape Bikes have opened up a franchise here at Millets - located along the covered walkway: https://milletsfarmcentre.com/escape-bikes
  • Soame Interiors furniture marquee has opened - located next to their showroom.
  • Its great to welcome Sarah's Gift Tree "pop-up shop" for the month of November.
  • The Farm Shop Christmas Gift Marquee will be opening on Saturday 6th November - 24th December (access via the Farm Shop).
  • The Farm Shop is now closing at 5.30pm every day.
  • We're sad to say goodbye to the Donkeys who have returned to the Island Farm Donkey Sanctuary: http://www.donkeyrescue.co.uk/