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farm shop

(Lockdown 3 - as of 10th January)

THE FARM SHOP - Open daily 9am - 5.30pm

We ask that you respect the following procedures we have put in place to ensure safe shopping...

  • Customers will be asked to queue outside the shop with correct social distance spacing between them
  • A vastly reduced number of customers will be permitted entry to the shop at any one time
  • We request that a maximum of 2 people per household enter the Farm Shop to reduce queue times and allow as many families as possible the oppertunity to shop - please do not split your household into groups of two when queing and regroup once inside the shop. 
  • Groups of more than two people will be permitted to enter only when they include children who are visiting with a single adult.  
  • Children who are with 2 parents/adults should still stay outside with one of the adults whilst the other shops.
  • All children who enter the shop must stay next to their trolley at all times. 
  • Customers will be asked to sanitise their hands on entering the shop or wear a pair of clean blue disposable gloves provided by us. Customers own gloves will not be permitted as whilst these protect the customer, they don’t protect our team from whatever the gloves have previously touched. If you don't want to use our alcohol gel you are welcome to apply your own at the point of entering. 
  • Face coverings must be worn by customers over 11 years old at all times whilst inside the shop, unless you are excempt from wearing a face covering.
  • Only trollies, not baskets, will be available as these encourage social distancing and the handle of each trolley will be sanitised on return
  • We are asking all customers to respect the required social distance of at least 1m between themselves and both staff and other customers whilst in the shop
  • We are requesting that customers use card as a means of payment rather than cash wherever possible

Frosts Garden Centre

Frosts Garden Centre is closed.


The Farmhouse Kitchen Restaurant is closed.
The Flower Market Cafe within Frosts Garden Centre is closed.

Click & Collect (Farm Shop Only)

We are delighted to now be offering our customers a simple and fast way to order fresh produce, meat boxes and more delivered straight to your car!
Click the button below, choose the boxes/items you would like then head to the checkout where you can choose the day & time slot to collect your items...One of our team will then be waiting on the day to drop your choosen goodies straight into your boot.
It is really simple and quick to do, so why not order yours today!


All Other Areas of Millets Farm Centre

- Phoebe woods and the animal walkway is closed. 

- Sprouts Play Barn is closed

- The play ground, ride on tractors and diggers are open. We request that customers read and respect our rules of play before using the play ground to help keep everyone safe.  

- The carousel is closed

- Millets Falconry Centre, Beauty Within, SPR Expeditions, Warwickshire Clothing Sale & Soame Interiors at Millets Farm are all closed.