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farm shop


Handmade, homegrown, local, fresh, unusual, delicious….Millets Farm Shop offers customer a mouthwatering variety of temptation!

Great quality, fresh fruit and vegetables straight from our own fields at Millets Farm, or sourced from local suppliers. The best local meats, tasty fresh fish, superb cheeses, home baked bread, handmade cakes and kitchenware... all under one roof.


The Farm Shop is OPEN! (9am-5.30pm)

With the following rules in place...

- Only a certain number of people are allowed in the shop at one time, this is being monitored by a member of staff outside
- We are asking everyone to queue outside the shop with a 2 metre gap between each person if you are waiting to go inside
- Only 1 person per family group allowed in
- Everyone is asked to use hand sanitiser before entering the shop
- Socially distance yourself from other members of the public and staff when inside the shop

We currently have stock of your essentials including meat, vegetables, fruit, bread, milk and more!