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country larder


We pride ourselves on stocking a huge range of artisan and specialty foods with the emphasis placed on purchasing quality products from British and local suppliers.

To complement our range we also stock a wide range of ethnic sauces and accompaniments.

On offer is a broad spectrum of culinary indulgence including:

Jams and preserves
Honeys and curds
Dressings, oils, vinegars and dips
Chutneys, pickles and relishes
Condiments and marinades
Foods from around the world
Herbs and spices
Savoury snacks, crackers and biscuits
Jarred olives, tinned soups and jars of paté
Preserved and frozen fish products (tinned)
Dried fruits, nuts and seeds
Muesli and cereals
Shortbread, sweet biscuits and fruit cakes
Dessert sauces
Home baking ingredients
Speciality flours
Readymade baby foods
A large selection of dietary specials including dairy free, no added sugar, wheat-free and gluten-free products

country larder c

Over the years our Millets Farm Shop own label products have grown to include biscuits, confectionery, jams, pickles and chutneys. All of which have the Millets seal of approval!